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Samsung Smart TV

The Herotalkies app start support samsung smart tv already??

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Could you please advise how to add herotalkies app on Samsung smart tv Or on Apple TV

i mean the herotalkies app is available in samsung smart tv?

no. it is not available. you have to wait. current solution is to go to in your Tv browser, login and start watching.

Disadvantages :

1. Dolby 5.1 mode doesn't work. Only stereo.

2. Even though you have a f Full HD tv or 4K TV,, you can select only 720p option. If you select 1080p option, the picture will go out of the screen. The picture doesn't fit to screen.

We have our app on the Apple TV 4th generation. As for Smart TV, we're in the final stages of development, and it'll be available early next year

okay thanks 

kindly notify when the app already available in samsung smart tv app store



i just installed Herotalking App, but couldn't login as there seems to be keyboard conflict. i.e., i use JS9500 and hence with smart remote. after i enter login name and password, login button doesn't get highlighted and hence couldn't press.


i like herotalkies download all movie herotalkies

ii mean the herotalkies app is available in samsung smart tv?

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