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Rudhramadevi in 3d how to play it on 3d tv

It doesn't work on chromecast,airplay,laptop via hdmi. I am assuming if there is herotalkies on smart tv application then it would play.

It worked perfectly fine for me with my Optomo 3D projector. 

What do you mean when you say it doesn't work ?

What is the setup ? 

1. Are you streaming from your Android device HeroTalkies app to stream to Chromecast? or herotalkies site from a chrome browser ? 

2. Is it possible to successfully stream other video using the chromecast ?

3. Is it possible to stream other 3D content successfully or is it only Rudhramadevi from Herotalkies ?

4. What 3D tv are you using? and is it configured correctly for streaming 3D content ?



It works . After you play the movie on your TV ( either via web browser or via hadmi in laptop), go to your Tv options.

Find the oiption for 3d.  For example in samsung, there are 3 ways to tell the tv, what kind of 3d contecnt is being played. ons is real 3d. second is two images side by side. third is two images horizontaly.  For, Rutrma devi , select the 3d option  ( 2 images side by side). Then it will be all fine.

Thanks Tharakash. It did work. Thank you very much for ur time efforts.

You are most welcome Vishnu.....

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