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certain new movies play on herotalkies app but not on chromecast ultra



Chromecast Ultra

Samsung Uktra 4k


The following  new movies play on herotalkies app but not on chromecast ultra

Chennayil oru naal-2

Kurungu Bommai

Vishva Roopam

However, the following movies play  both on herotalikies app, and Chrmoecast Ultra

1) Rubai,

2)  Theeya velai seyyanum kumar

Any help is appreciated.



2 people have this problem

Yes same problem its very irritating issue

have mailed the support team many times, and gotten the same crappy answer, we tested on our side n it works fine. No resolution so far... If this continues, very likely disconnect my subscription.

I can not play any hero-talkies new release movie from laptop to Tv  (chrome cast)  But I can play old movies and live tv      why problem with  new release movie??!! I reported     one week back                             so for not solved    

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