How do I cancel my subscription?

Modified on: 2017-10-03 15:45:27 +0530

To cancel your subscription,

Login->My Account and click "Cancel my subscription"  and then click Quit "HeroTalkies" button.

If you unsubscribe our service, our payment gateway will immediately stop auto recurring payment and you will not be charged anymore.

However your subscription will remain active till end of bill period.

You have the liberty to unsubscribe at any time and any period of the subscription plan.

For eg, If you have subscribed to our service on June 5th and unsubscribe on June 10th, your services on HeroTalkies will be discontinued only on July 5th. This means that your one month of subscription period will be available in spite of your cancellation.


During your cancellation process, you can feel free to report the issues you have faced to our team who will sort it out within a day.

To do this, select the type of issue that you are facing from the list displayed.

You can briefly write about your issue in the text box that appears.

Finally, click on “Report and continue Subscription” button.

If you aren’t still convinced to give us a chance to fix your issues, then you can click on the “Quit HeroTalkies” button.


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