How to view and edit my profile?

Modified on: 2016-10-21 11:39:51 +0530

Once you've logged into your account at select My Account from the drop down list box at the top right corner of the window.

i) You can change your password by clicking on the “Change Password" option.

ii) To edit your card or billing details, click the “Update Payment Method” option.

iii) To update/change your plan, click on the “Change Plan” option.

iv) To view your billing information, click on "View Details" option.

v) If you would like to cancel your subscription, then click on “Cancel My Subscription” button.

vi) If you would like to Logout your account / Session timeout from all signed in devices, then click on "Sign out of all sessions".

vii) If you would like to change the movie streaming quality, click on "Playback Settings".

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